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Welcome to Matt's Blackboard Restaurant & Catering

Matt's will be closed from Sunday July 3rd until Sunday July 10th and will re-open on Monday July 11th



We are open until 10pm, Tuesday  through Saturday and 8pm, Sunday and Monday!!


Have you been in to try  Mike's Tapas Takeover? On the first Thursday of each month, he is creating a special Spanish Tapas style menu, to tempt your tastebuds. Stop in June 2nd to try it out!!!

Looking for a great date night idea? Check out our dinner for two on Mondays! After 4pm we will be offering a $35 dinner for two, including 2 salads, a bottle of wine, and a choice of two entrees' from a special menu.


Check out our social media pages to keep up to date with all of the happenings here at the board, as well as some great recipes!

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